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Skill Development (Executive Eduation)

Practical learning from a top business school

Lead by one of the top business schools in Europe, EADA, various workshops are featured on April 23rd in order to develop the skills of conference participants.

Business from Science Workshop:

Leader: Alexander Brem, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany (member of EADA's Global Innovation Management Centre)

One of the major challenges in the management of technology and innovation is how to organize an efficient way from inventions to successful products and services on the market.

On this journey, on the one hand internal competences and resources must be allocated in an effective way. On the other hand, it is important to absorb external knowledge to ensure a quick market diffusion. For this, practices and tools are needed in order to enhance the time-to-market period.

To address these issues, this workshop is focused around the following topics:
  • Strategic approaches on Technology and Innovation Management
  • Technology Scouting in Science
  • Technology Management and Prototyping
  • Use of tools in Research & Development
  • Concepts of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Corporate Venturing
  • Technology and Innovation Marketing practices
  • Education and teaching to foster entrepreneurial initiatives

Productive Creativity workshop

Leader: Franc Ponti, EADA Business School, Barcelona

There are at least five major barriers that prevent truly creative ideas from becoming useful innovations: lack of organizational structures that favor creativity (too much bureaucracy, hierarchies and power accumulation in some public offices), poor knowledge management (what is discussed and proposed is rarely applied), the lack of a real policy of open innovation (systematic ignarance of what stakeholders think or feel), "dispassion" (monotonous work, boring, unexciting, gray and lacking in creative environment excitation) and lack of collaboration (Taifa kingdoms, absurd competition between departments, etc.)

To address these issues, this workshop is focused around the following topics:
  • From creative ideas to productive innovation
  • Neurosciences and creativity. Learning how to think in a different way.
  • A proved method to transform ideas into results: the GAMESTORMING method (divergence, exploration and convergence)
  • Working in teams with a real example
  • Conclusions

Workshop on "University-Business Cooperation"

Leaders: Todd Davey & Victoria Galan-Muros (both Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre)

The workshop will give a clear picture of the extent of UBC in Europe for participants to gain a better understanding of how UBC can be fostered, promoted and strengthened. The workshop will provide practical outcomes for practitioners, enabling them to measure UBC in their own institution and comparing the results with other organisations.

The workshop is based on the results of the largest study on University-Business Cooperation. The project resulted in two European reports (final study report and case study report) as well as 14 national reports (see www.ub-cooperation.eu for more information).

The conference is organisised in partnership with:

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